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Dying Flames Robert Barnard

Dying Flames

Robert Barnard

Published 2005
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

From Robert Barnard, the internationally acclaimed Diamond Dagger-winning crime writer . . .Some memories are better left buried in the past. Well-known author Graham Broadbent has managed to repress one particularly dangerous memory for many years, but a trip home to a school reunion brings back the shocking reality of a desperate youthful passion.It all begins with a knock on Grahams hotel door. His visitor is nineteen-year-old Christa, who read in the newspaper that he would be in town. She introduces herself as his long-lost daughter. His daughter? Its true that many years ago Graham had a fling with Christas mother, an exquisitely alluring school actress named Peggy Somers. The dates dont work, though. Graham maintains he was out of the country when Christa was conceived. He couldnt be her father.Hes almost sorry that he cant claim Christa, a lively young woman who intrigues him in a strange way. And what about Christas mother, the formidable Peggy, who made such an impression when she portrayed Saint Joan in the school play all those years ago? Why would she have lied to Christa about her paternity? Why name Graham as the girls father?Separated from his wife, at loose ends in his writing, Graham takes the fateful step of searching out Peggy. Its a big mistake. Peggys life, which started with such promise, has been a major disappointment. Now its about to become a disaster. Peggy lies. She fabricates. She fantasizes. She is the kind of person who will destroy Graham if he lets her.As Graham finds himself drawn increasingly into the turmoil surrounding this woman and her children, he must deal with deception and, ultimately, with murder. The sins of the past return to haunt the living, and the lives of those who survive will never be the same.Writing with the piercing insight and wit for which he is renowned, Robert Barnard creates a poignant masterpiece of mystery, as thoughtful as it is entertaining.