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Cutblood Werewolves B.J. Jeffries

Cutblood Werewolves

B.J. Jeffries

Kindle Edition
43 pages
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 About the Book 

CUTBLOOD WEREWOLVES is an erotic paranormal novelette exploring the life of Kara- a young woman who discovers she is a “cutblood” (part werewolf), throwing her future and safety into question. Possessed by insatiable desire for animalistic and sadistic sex, Kara leaves her life as a young cosmopolitan to find her werewolf lover, John, and discover the truth about werewolves to protect her lover and her future. Things get more complicated when she meets Blake, a werewolf-human hybrid, and Piper, another cutblood, leading to shocking and clandestine agreements of a sexual nature. Kara will do anything to find the love of her life, no matter the danger.WARNING: This 15,000+ word novelette contains adult material for 18+ audiences only. This carnal tale features animalistic masturbation, pain for pleasure, beastly sex with a chained werewolf, a MMF threesome, BDSM, sex toys, anal play and graphic depictions of sex-induced injuries.. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH.