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Finance Your Business Survival Kit (Survival Kit Series) Deaver Brown

Finance Your Business Survival Kit (Survival Kit Series)

Deaver Brown

Published March 4th 2010
Kindle Edition
133 pages
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 About the Book 

The Finance Your Business Survival Kit pares down the enormous amount of information on the subject to provide you with the core essentials on the subject of financing your business. Less is more in the survival business--and we work hard to keep our books lean and useful.The author has include straightforward practical tips about securing funding, from equity investments to bank secured lending. The fancy footwork is left out so you can focus on the fundamentals to make your business work. A related audiobook is published by Amazons audible.com division, enter the title, author, or Simply Magazine, to reach the title at audible.com, itunes store, or amazon itself. The audiobook reinforces the messages, is cross platform working on MAC/PC and all portable devices.The author has found through his serial entrepreneurial experience and advisory ones to many emerging companies that the key to successful fund raising is to go to the right people and organizations at the right time. In other words, you must do a self-analysis, which the author assists with, to determine what stage of business development your company is at--and find the sources that specialize in your niche.The tracks illuminate what you will learn and have to work with in this ebook.ContentsFinance Your Business Survival KitAuthor Deaver BrownAbout the Survival Kit SeriesAbout the Finance Your Business Survival KitGeneral Approach: About this ebookChapter One: Business FocusWhat Business Are You In?Three Rules for SuccessAll Results are Outside Your CompanyKnow Your Deal: What is It?Elevator Ride PitchChapter Two: People and Their Motivation to InvestWhy Do Companies & People Invest in Emerging Companies?Why They Don’t InvestTheir Perspective on Your DealChapter Three: Planning20 Quick TipsExecutive Summaries & Business PlansThe Executive Summary: They Get ReadThe Business Plan: They Get FiledMake the Executive Summary & Business Plan Work for YouChapter Four: Self-AuditAre You Willing to Be Diluted?Are You Willing to Pay a Significant Amount to Money Raisers?Are You Willing to Lose Control?Can You Delegate to Others?Is This What You Want?Chapter Five: The Skill SetTen Talents to Raise MoneyLearn Your CraftDevelop a Focused MissionChapter Six: Let’s Get to WorkTraditional FundingReaching Out to Family Members, Friends, Neighbors & PeersInvestorsCash, Credit Card & COD BusinessesCalculate Your NeedsCapital SourcesAngel InvestingChapter Seven: Hiring Financial PeopleChapter Eight: Accounting & BookkeepingChapter Nine: Danger24 Quick Tips Regarding RisksFinancial RisksCashflow: Nine Steps to Improve ItControl the CashCredit: The Risks of DebtBankruptcyChapter Ten: ExitSteady StateSelling OutValuation ApproachesStandard Valuation GuidelinesCandidates to Acquire Your BusinessIPO: The Brass Ring of EntrepreneurshipBasic Requirements to Get OneBenefits & Liabilities of an IPOChapter Eleven: Daily ReportsFinancial Flash ReportSales Flash ReportOperations/Production Flash ReportFinancial Contact FilesChapter Twelve: Suggested ReadingsC