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Death of a Go-Between James Pattinson

Death of a Go-Between

James Pattinson

Published September 1st 2006
ISBN : 9781845593032
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 About the Book 

The search for Arnie Walker was not a job that Sam Grant was particularly keen to undertake. But Miss Gloriana Goldstar was so pressing in her demand that he should do so, and Cynara Jones was so ardent in her support, that it became impossible to refuse. Besides, business was slack and Miss Goldstar was generous with her money... A trip to Amsterdam seemed a pleasant enough prospect but when there are people there intent on bringing your life to an abrupt end, the experience becomes rather less than enjoyable. All he was doing was trying to find Mr. Walker and urge him to return to Miss Goldstars loving arms. How was he to foresee that, in the process, he would upset so many other people and with such deadly consequences?